Andrews pre cast terrazzo is made in our factory in Leeds. We are the leading U.K. manufacturer of pre cast terrazzo products. We make both traditional cement based terrazzo and epoxy resin terrazzo.

Chosen for its aesthetically pleasing appearance and hard wearing properties pre cast terrazzo is used extensively on staircases to provide a decorative finish where a high volume of foot traffic is anticipated.

Where to use?

Pre cast terrazzo is common place where terrazzo flooring has been installed; for example, stations, airports, shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

Externally, it is used exstensively on garage forecourts to provide a protective base around fuel pumps.

Terrazzo coved skirting, wall cladding panels, seating, reception counters, vanity tops and toilet partitions are all made off-site at our works as pre cast units.

Located on a 3½ acre site in Leeds our manufacturing facility is well placed to serve sites throughout Great Britain. We have the latest CAD facilities, CNC machinery and a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen to ensure our customers receive the highest standards.

The Andrews reputation for quality has been built up over 125 years.

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