A. Andrews was founded in 1886 by Arthur Andrews a journeyman who, by 1895 had been appointed agent for the tile manufacturers Craven, Dunnill & Co Ltd.

Arthur had five sons, Arthur, Cecil, Sidney, Allan and Ernest all of whom came into the business.

  • Company founded by Arthur Andrews.

    Company founded by Arthur Andrews.

  • 1895

    Appointed agent for tile manufacturers Craven Dunnill & Company.

  • 1900

    Premises purchased on Park Lane with primary business ceramic tiling

  • 1914 - 1918

    First world war saw active service for all 5 sons, Arthur, Cecil, Sidney, Allan, Ernest who on leaving the forces joined the company.

  • 1920

    Purchase of Railway Street site in Leeds for £250 to aid expansion of company by Ernest. The workforce is now in excess of 40, and the company expands into terrazzo flooring employing Italian tradesmen to undertake the works.

  • 1920 - 1939

    Rapid expansion of business through out the UK working on major projects.

  • 1939 - 1945

    Key war time contracts carried out for the government and MOD on hospitals, factories and Aerodromes.

  • 1945 - 1950

    Company is split into 5 departments, tiling, marble, mosaic, terrazzo and flooring and expansion continues, with over 300 men employed nationally.

  • 1960

    Andrews moved from Railway Street in Leeds to their current premises on Meanwood Road. They did not acquire the whole site, other businesses owned and operated from various sections. There is a plan of the Mathers mill site in the boardroom. With the Meanwood site Andrews acquired a marble company called Hinchcliffe Green.

  • 1962

    Completion of the CIS building in Manchester with over 14 million mosaic tiles fitted to largest building in Europe.

  • 1963

    Installed iconic Three Ships mosaic which overlooks the junction of King Edward Street and Jameson Street in Hull.

  • 1964

    Opening of Meanwood Road showroom premises, opened by the Lord Mayor of Leeds.

  • Late 70's - Early 80's

    Andrews sales division was expanding rapidly and they acquired more warehouse space on the Meanwood site for the import and distribution of East German and Spanish tiles. Andrews already had manufacturing facilities for the production of its own precast terrazzo units.

  • Late 80's - Early 90's

    External sales began to rise and Andrews became the approved supplier for Shell pump base islands throughout the U.K. Increased manufacturing space was needed and Andrews acquired and converted more of the mill building into manufacturing facilities.

  • During the 90's

    Andrews acquired the remaining section to complete the jigsaw on the Mill site. The two storey building was converted into the current offices.

  • 1996

    Andrews completes work on its first £1million contract - the White Rose Centre Leeds

  • Late 90's - Early 00's

    Contracting expanded with Andrews becoming the first name on any tender list for Shopping Centres, Swimming Pools and Hospitals. The rise of the Supermarkets in particular generated an enormous amount of work for Andrews contracting division.

  • 2002

    Andrews had been the nominated supplier of flooring for Morrisons throughout the 80s and 90s and in 2002 entered into a trading agreement with Asda to do their floors.

  • During the mid 00's

    By then Andrews major customer, Wm Morrison Supermarkets embarked upon the ambitious takeover of Safeway and the workload quadrupled in a very short space of time. To meet the demand and maintain the level of service required Andrews expanded its contracts division into Scotland and opened premises on London Road Glasgow in 2008 after the acquisition of McCauleys. Shortly afterwards a showroom was also opened on the same site.

  • 2008

    Andrews partnered with DMC their major customer of precast units in a joint venture to purchase the well established terrazzo tile and pre cast manufacturer in Chertsey. Only a few years after the purchase of Kengate the countries leading manufacturing of terrazzo tiles QUILIGOTTI fell into receivership and the Kengate stepped in to purchase Quiligotti and maintain a manufacturing division for terrazzo tiles in the U.K.

  • 2010

    It was decided that the Kengate tile manufacturing should be moved to the Quiligotti site in Manchester and Kengate precast manufacturing should be moved to Andrews in Leeds. Leeds and Manchester only a short distance apart and providing a central location for distribution.

    We complete works on our first multi-million pound contract – Media City Salford.

  • 2016

    Andrews becomes the major partner in Quiligotti Ltd making it the leading supplier and installer for Terrazzo tiles in the UK.

  • 2018

    We complete work on the extension and refurbishment of Westfields White City Shopping Centre in London, at almost £6million this is the highest value contract ever completed by Andrews.

  • 2019

    Works begin on the installation of 10000m2 of granite paving and 52nr feature columns at Barton Square Manchester.