Terrazzo is a highly versatile material that has been used as a flooring product since Roman times but can be moulded into almost any shape. Terrazzo tiles and Terrazzo flooring is used throughout the world in locations such as train stations, airports, shopping malls and supermarkets and enjoys an enviable reputation due to its combination of durability, ease of maintenance, beauty and performance.

Terrazzo was developed in Friuli in the North East of Italy, where the local residents used the pebbles from a nearby river to pave areas surrounding their homes. Although this produced an uneven surface a method was eventually realised to smooth it down and it is now the number one choice for areas that are to be well trafficked.

The material is a composite of natural marble chippings set in a matrix of cement with a colour pigment added to it. The range of aggregates in size and colour is vast and they can be set into practically any colour cement to create an endless amount of finishes. Once laid, the terrazzo is ground down and polished to expose the aggregate.

Terrazzo is used primarily in flooring and is usually found in the form of tiles typically 300 x 300 x 28mm thick and there is in excess of 20 million square metres of terrazzo flooring currently installed in areas throughout the UK alone. In addition to this terrazzo can be used to form skirtings, column bases, staircases, partitions etc.

Terrazzo flooring and Terrazzo tiles have many attributes. It is an ideal choice of material and is often specified because –

  • It has an appealing finish.
  • It is hard wearing.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Hygienic – often used in food preps.
  • Terrazzo Flooring – Better slip resistance than most other forms of polished floors.
  • Cost effective – longevity of terrazzo flooring make it a much more viable and sensible option than other alternatives.
  • Ease of cleaning.

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