Experience the beauty of our custom-made Granite, Quartz & Terrazzo Kitchen Tops. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge ensure a full professional service providing expert guidance and technical advice, site templates/measurement and an installation carried out by experienced fixer masons. All manufacturing is carried out in house at our Leeds factory allowing you to pre-view your selected material prior to cutting and ensuring your order is supervised and quality checked throughout production. We also offer bespoke natural stone tables, upstands and cills and a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fixings.


Granite is a natural stone and is what is known as an igneous rock which are formed by the cooling of lava or magma. Granite has many great qualities including the fact that it is one of the hardest natural materials on the planet which means it is very ideal for worksurfaces due to its high impact and scratch resistance.  If it is a unique look that you are looking for granite would be the perfect choice because it is found in a wide variety of colours and patterns with each slab being distinctly unique due to its natural formation. Regardless of the type, granite will always look aesthetically pleasing and elegant in any kitchen/bathroom setting.


Quartz is a man-made material and are made from 93% crushed quartz, mixed with various resins, polymers and pigments. Quartz is one of the strongest materials on the planet and has been engineered to make it very durable. Along with its durability quartz also has non-porous properties meaning that it does not absorb liquids that you would typically find in a kitchen or bathroom environment. Quartz comes in an extensive range of colours most of which are heavily inspired by natural stones such as marble therefore you can get the aesthetics of a marble combined with the durability of granite making it extremely suitable for worksurfaces.


Terrazzo is a composite of natural marble chippings set in a matrix of cement with a colour pigment added to it. The range of aggregates in size and colour is vast and they can be set into practically any colour cement to create an endless amount of finishes. While terrazzo is traditionally used on floors, it can also be adapted to be used as a worksurface. Terrazzo is a very hardwearing material and requires relatively little maintenance. Andrews terrazzo worktops offer a lot of design versatility as our traditional pre-cast methods enable you to create your very own bespoke terrazzo mix. Personalise your worksurfaces by choosing from our extensive range of chipping stock and pigmented cement to create a unique terrazzo blend.


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