Revealed: Andrews Tiles top tiles of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close we’re really busy at the moment looking at the new ranges of tiles that manufacturers will be making available next year to retailers such as ourselves.

Part of our buying process entails looking at our most popular lines of the year; which in case you haven’t already guessed we have listed below.

1. Volcano range by Rondine
Crafted in sophisticated, contemporary shades of taupe, grey, white, beige and dark, Volcano is versatile, trend-inspired porcelain stoneware that offers a faithful interpretation of all the power and primitive elegance of cement, with its rough-hewn character bringing an inestimable source of style inspiration and technological experimentation.


2. Cave Pietrasanta by Saime Ceramics
Saime Ceramics’ Cave Pietrasanta is a range of polished or matt finish porcelain wall and floor tiles.

3. Windsor Range by Infinity Ceramics
If you’re looking to create a stylish look in your bathroom then the Windsor range of tiles from Infinity are perfect. They have a lovely light grey colour with white streaks running through and a high gloss finish.

4. Stone Cut Range by Cinca
Cinca’s Stone Cut is a unique stone born from a selection of 15 cuts from the same stone. This series fully answers the need of contemporary art to create atmospheres with a unique character.

5. Text style range by Azteca
Azteca’s Ceramica Texstyle collection is characterised by a great sense of style and can be adapted to various ambients. It’s a perfect mix of elegance, compactness and resistance to different factors, and lets you renew your home in a simple way.

The tile ranges that we’ve described above are only a very small fraction of what we stock at our showrooms in Glasgow and Leeds (it’s not unreasonable to say that it’d be impossible to stock every type of tile in the world), but if you ever see anything that we don’t hold please ask and we’ll see what we can do.

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